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Wildflower honey is a medium colored,full flavored honey produced from a variety of fall blooming flowers,including goldenrod aster and others. It is a pleasant tasting honey good for table use and baking.

Our honey is not pressure-filtered with diatomaceous earth as is the honey you buy in the supermarket. That type of filtering is necessary in order to give the resulting product the long shelf life needed by the supermarket, but we believe that flavor, character and nutrients are sacrificed to obtain that long shelf life. Our liquid honey is never heated above 130F, and it is filtered only enough to remove the impurities such as bees' wings and bits of leaves. Does this make it "raw"? Not if you define raw as "direct from nature". It is our opinion that anyone who calls his or her liquid or creamed honey raw is misleading the consumer. The only really raw honey is comb honey. If our liquid honey crystallizes (turns solid), which happens to all honey that has not been ovenheated, place it in a pan of warm water until the honey is again liquid.

Most beeswax is yellow because it contains pollen and the gums and resins that bees collect. Pollen is the adult honey bee's source of protein and they collect it in great quantity. The gums and resins, which beekeepers call "propolis," are used to varnish the inside of the bee's nest. Both pollen and propolis are generally yellow or red though either may be many colors. The fragrant scent of beeswax and the pleasant scent produced by burning candles is also largely due to these substances, especially propolis.

The fragrance from beeswax candles when burning acts as a natural environmentally safe air freshener. Beeswax candles burn cleaner than petroleum-based waxes and are dripless and smokeless.

Our packing house is inspected by the Maine Dept. of Agriculture and meets all regulation requirements.

License number: 10659