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Monthly Journal published for the benefit of eveyone interested in Bees and Honey

[000003]Elbert Jaycox.

Beekeeping Tips and Topics. New Mexico: Modern Press, 1982. 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall. Trade Paperback. Privately Printed. Fine / Fine.

[000005]Gleanings in Bee Culture.

Starting Right with Bees. Ohio: A.I. Root, 1971. Book Club (BCE/BOMC). 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall. Trade Paperback. Private Press. Good / Good. 15th edition few pages highlighted name written on inside front page.

[000020]Eva Crane.
Crane, author of The Archaeology of beekeeping (Cornell), presents the scientific principles underlying effective beekeeping and their practical application in different climates and under varying conditions. She also gives an account of honeybees as a world resource, both in producing honey and other hive products, and as pollinators that increase yields of seed and fruit crops. The volume as a whole constitutes an integrated picture of world beekeeping in the various continents, with a brief summary of its history. Includes more than 400 b&w illustrations. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

[000025]Maurice Maeterlinck.

The Life of the Bee. New York: New American Libary, 1954. 12mo - over 6" - 7" tall. Trade Paperback. Privately Printed. Fair / Fair. Yellowing of pages/pp.167

[000026]C.P. Dadant.
First Lessons in Beekeeping. Illinois: Journal Printing Co., 1971. 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall. Trade Paperback. Privately Printed. Good +. pp.121/illustrated

[000029]John Vivian.

Keeping Bees. Vermont: Williamson, 1986. First Thus. 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall. Trade Paperback. Private Press. Fine /. pp.237/illustrated/writing on inside cover/few pages highlighted.

[000030]Frank Pellett.
A Living with Bees. New York: Orange Judd, 1947. 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall. Hard Cover. Private Press. Fine/ pp.335/Photos

[000033]Josephe Morse.

The Busy Honeybee Rand NcNally, 1936. 12mo - over 6" - 7" tall. Pictorial Cover. Privately Printed. Good pp.60/photos/writing on inside cover

[000034] A.Norman Schofield.
Teach Yourself Beekeeping. London: 1951. 12mo - over 6" - 7" tall. Hard Cover. Private Press.Good/ pp.150/photos

[000040] Frank Pellett.
A Living from Bees. New York: Orange Judd, 1943. 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall. Hard Cover. Privately Printed. Fine.Photos/illustrations/pp.304/old advertisements

[000044] C.P. Dadant.
First Lessons in Beekeeping. Am.Bee Journal, 1957. 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall. Hard Cover. Private Press. Fine pp.127/photos

[000046] C.P. Dadant.
First Lessons in Beekeeping. Illinois: Am.Bee Journal, 1938. 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall. Hard Cover. Private Press. Fine / No Jacket. pp.127/photos/revised edition

[000047] Addison Webb.
Beekeeping for Profit & Pleasure. MacMillian, 1943. First Edition. 4to - over 9" - 12" tall. Pictorial Cover. Private Press. Fine . pp.116/illustrations

[000061]Werner Melser.
Beekeeping. Contains 66 pages, measures 7-3/4" by 6-1/2". A practicl guide for the novice beekeeper, buying bees, management, rearing, honey production, section on the beekeepers yearly work cycle. There are some color photos by outstanding animal and nature photographers and drawings by Walter Berghoff. Copyright 1989, over all very good condition.

A Living from Bees;pub.1944;cloth cover;very good condition;pp.302;ex.lib.

A Living from Bees;pub.1945;cloth cover; very good condition;pp.304;photos;ex.lib

[000068]Gene Fulks/1967
photos by Zena Bernstein ;pp.26;11 1/2" x 9"; fabulous illustrations;ex lib writing on cover.

(1946)This is a hard cover book, 6 1/2" x 9 1/2", with 126 pages.The Author is Lewis Sutherland. This book is in excellent condition...inside and outside. It also has a paper jacket that has taken the abuse over the years...is is worn and torn. In this book we follow the queen from infancy to her death. Her struggle to survive against other queens. It covers the bee and the flower and how the bees work together in the hive. It has many other articles pertaining to bees.

This is a(1951) hard cover book, 6 1/4" x 9 1/4", with 114 pages.The Author is Carl E. Killion. Front cover shows some dark areas and wear at the corners. Spine is in good condition with slight wear at top and bottom. Articles include Location, Comb honey equipment, Colony management, Wintering, and Marketing Comb honey. Contents are in excellent condition.

Out Apiaries
This is a (19i9)hard cover book, 5 1/2" x 7 3/4", with 124 pages. The author is M.G.Dadant. Covers show small spots and slight wear at the corners. Spine shows slight wear at top and bottom. Binding and contents are in excellent condition. Articles include choosing location, winter and spring work, harvest, moving bees, honey houses and equipment and many other fine articles.

This book of more than 500 pages contains 34 bulletins from Federal, State and College sources on all areas related to bee keeping. The papers are from 1915 - 1922. The book is simply titled "Bee Papers". Condition of the book is excellent.

(1948)This is a hard cover book...about 6" x 9"..and has 439 pages....author is R.O.B.Manley...this book was printed in London...covers are in very good condition with spine in good condition with wear at the top and bottom...bindings and contents are in good to excellent condition...articles include hives, supers and frames, problems of a novice, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter...20 chapters in all...it also has 28 illustrations.

Wax Craft
(1908)This is a soft cover book...about 5" x 7 3/4"..and has 172 pages....author is T.W. Cowan, chairman of the British Beekeeper's Association...Front cover is in good condition with a few small wrinkles...back cover has a wrinkle in left top corner...spine is torn top and bottom...bindings are loose at the front cover and good at the back cover...contents have darkened with age but are in good condition...articles include historical, the production of beeswax, wax candles and tapers, and other chapters on bees wax...also 17 illustrations

How to Keep Bees
(1905)This is a hard cover book...about 5" x 7 1/2"..and has 228 pages....author is Anna B.Comstock...covers are in good condition...spine shows slight wear at bottom...binding is in good condition...contents are in good to excellent condition...articles include the hive and how to handle it, details concerning honey, points about beeswax, the anatomy of the honey bee, bee hunting, 15 more chapters on bees and beekeeping...95 year old book belongs in someones collection.

The Flower and the Bee
(1918)This is a hard cover book...about 5 3/4" x 8 1/4"..and has 286 pages....author is John H. Lovell...front cover is in good condition...back cover has a small wrinkle about centered running side to side...spine has 1 small spot 2" from the bottom...binding is in excellent condition and so are the contents...articles include bees as builders of flowers, bumblebee flowers, bees which visit only one kind of flower, pollen flowers, and bee and fruit growing...10 other chapters on flowers and bees .

(1946)This is a hard cover book...about 5 3/4" x 9"..and has 293 pages....author is R.O.B. Manley...published and printed in Great Britain...covers are in good condition...spine, bindings, and contents are in good to excellent condition...articles include essentials, climate, pasturage and apiaries, apiary equipment, heather, and 8 other chapters on bees.

(1955)This is a hard cover book...about 5 3/4" x 8 1/4"..and has 245 pages....author is Harry J. Whitcombe...Covers are in good condition with slight wear at the corners...spine shows wear at top and bottom...book has a paper jacket that is torn and smudged...the book itself is in good to excellent condition...articles include my customers are always right, college beekeeper, her majesty the queen, it's an old Eygptian custom, and 10 other chapters on bee business...See pictures.

Practical Queen Rearing
(1918)This is a hard cover book...about 5 1/2" x 8"..and has 103 pages....author is Frank C. Pellett...front cover has wear by the spine from top to bottom...back cover is in good condition...spine shows some wear...bindings are in good condition and contents are in excellent condition...articles include Banat bees, Egyptian bees, control of drone, grafting house, small hives, and 8 other chapters on queen rearing...

Copyright:1996 First Edition Publisher: Arthur Levine Scholastic Press. A Unique written novel... Subject matter... " When Thora, a young worker bee, befriends some drones, she wonders if they really are lords of the hive or if their pompous posturing merely conceals an appaling fate. " This a great story line and very nice. If you like stories with human thought lines but the characters are animals, insect... you will love this book. " Written by: Soinbhe Lally Hardback & Dustjacket.. Number of Pages: 226 Condition: As New!

(1938)This is a hard cover book...about 6 1/2" x 9 1/2"..and has 272 pages....author is Bodog F. Beck MD...this is a first edition book...covers are in good condition...it has a name and address on the inside of front cove..spine is good and binding is good...contents are excellent...articles include honey, honey versus sugar, the nutritive value of honey...the medicinal value of honey, honey in surgery, honey in the home, and 14 other chapters on honey and health...

(1968)This is a soft cover book...about 6" x 8 1/2"..and has 128 pages....author is Brother Adam...front cover has a few small spots and back cover, spine, bindings, and contents are in good condition...articles include purpose and scope, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Sicily, Germany, Greece, Crete, Jordan and many other countrys were visited to find many different strains of bees and observe their methods of beekeeping .


(1917)This is a hard cover book...about 5 1/2" x 8"..and has 165 pages....author is C.P. Dadant...front cover has one small smudge and back cover is in good condition...both have slight wear at the corners...spine is slightly worn at top and bottom and bindings and contents are in good condition...articles include a colony of bees, egg laying, royal jelly, eyes of drone, honey sack, and length of life...there are 241 articles covered in this book...the introduction is by C.C. Miller.

(1982)In response to the many requests for more information, Ormond and Harry Aebi have brought forth another volume which lays bare the tips, secrets and innovative experiments that have allowed them to obtain phenomenally large yields of honey and the entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the most wildflower honey from a single hive (404 lbs.). Mastering the Art of Beekeeping is an erudite handbook of the complex art of beekeeping. The authors have a rare ability to combine literary and beekeeping skills. People, bees and experiences are woven into a de4ightful tale of what beekeeping is all about---Gleanings in Bee Culture All beekeepers , novices and old-timers alike will profit from the Aebis insights. It might take the average beeperson several lifetimes to discover the natural wisdom and effective methods that these men have poured so generously into this book.---- Organic Gardening Published by Prism Press, 1982. It is a 283 page paperback book.This book is a previous libary book with typical stamps ang stickers. Book is in great condition. Small amount of edgeware on cover. It has tight bindings. The pages are clean and bright, with no notations. Despite the minor flaws noted, this is a beautiful copy of this book in GREAT condition.

(1890) Titled THE ABC OF BEE CULTURE: A CYCLOPAEDIA OF EVERY THING PERTAINING TO THE CARE OF THE HONEY-BEE; BEES, HONEY, HIVES, IMPLEMENTS, HONEY-PLANTS, ETC. FACTS GLEANED FROM THE EXPERIENCE OFT THOUSANDS OF BEE KEEPERS ALL OVER OUR LAND AND AFTERWARD VERIFIED BY PRACTICAL WORK IN OUR OWN APIARY. By A.I. Root. There are 401 pages of text. The pages are intact and attached together, but they are coming separated from the hardback cover. This is an easy repair and there are sites on the web that explain how to do this. The pages are still supple and in very good condition with no tears, stains, folds, or dry rot/crumbliness. The cover is in good condition, worn but intact.

The below booklets are in good condition with over 200 pages of recipes.

New Favorite Honey Recipe Booklet..5 1/2"x 8 1/2"

1956 More Favorite Honey Recipes..5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

Honey Cookery..6" x 9"; 1965

1956 More Favorite Honey Recipes..5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

1965 Old Favorite Honey Recipes..6" x 9";...these booklets are in good condition with over 200 pages of recipes.

This is a hard cover book...about 5 3/4" x 8 1/2"..and has 174 pages....author is Maria Lo Pinto...front cover is in good condition, rear cover has spots at bottom by spine...spine is torn at top approximately 1/4" down, bindings are in good condition,contents are in good condition except for pages 14 and 15 which are browned from a newspaper article being between them...articles include the honey bee, bees wax, kinds of honey, honey for your health, honey and cosmetics, leg ulcers and small wounds and chilblains, wrinkles and crows feet, cooking with honey, and recipes for cookies, pies, frostings, hayfever, insomnia, nasal spray, that depressed feeling and many others and honey and The Holy Bible.

Beekeeping in the South
(1920)This is a hard cover book...about 5 1/2" x 8"..and has 120 pages plus the index....author is Kenneth Hawkins...front cover is in good condition, rear cover is water spotted, bindings are in good condition, spine shows slight wear top and bottom and contents are in very good condition...articles include shall I go South, making a start, wintering bees in the South, the tropical south, mountain beekeeping, Southern honey markets, and honey plants of the South.

:The New Comb Honey Book, by Richard Taylor. Consists of four parts on beekeeping. Part 1; Whys and wherefores Part 2; Backyard Comb Honey Beekeeping Part 3; Things to do Part 4; Producing comb honey commercially Each part has many subsections. Softcover, good condition, except for small stain on cover (visable in pic). Published by Linden Books, 1981,112pp. Many photos and drawings.

How to Keep Bees and Sell Honey, by Walter T. Kelley. . The author was the former editor of "Modern Beekeeping". This book is the 8th edition. Very thorough treatment of Beekeeping. Hundreds of photos. Softcover, good sound condition. Back cover slightly dirty. Published by Walter Kelley Co., 1975,144pp

1978 Bee Pollen and Your Health is written by Carlson Wade with articles about man's search for youth from the bee hive, the Cancer fighting elements in bee pollen, pollen power behind athletes.

1970 Honey for Health written by Cecil Townsley, book is in good condition, articles include honey in legend and mythology, honeys of the world, food of the gods...and many other articles on honey and health.


The Art & Adventure of Beekeeping, Ormond an Harry Aebi, 184 pages.

The Complete Guide to Beekeeping, Roger A. Morse, 220 pages

First Lessons in Beekeeping, C. P. Dadant, 128 pages

BINDER: Cornell University Home Study Course in Apiculture. Keekeeping Notes, Ohio State University, Entomology. Bee supply catalogs. Controlling the Greater Wax Moth. Beekeeping for beginners. Installing package bees. Protecting honey bees from pesticides.

Transferring Bees to Modern Hives (1932)

Treatment of American Foulbrood (1933)

Ohio State Extension No.281 Modified Two-Queen System for Honey Production (1947)

Price list labels for the Beekeeper (no date)

Honey and Some of Its Uses (1936)

Dadant and Sons Beekeeping Supplies for 1949.

Walter Kelly Supply Catalog

Beekeeping for beginners

Controlling the Greater Wax Moth

More than 300 delicious recipes for salads, meats, breads, vegetables, candy, beverages and dessert dishes. Hard cover in excellent condition. Unfortunately the dust jacket is battered along lower edge.

(Beekeeping Explained-Quinby-c.1857-)
Hardbound,on spine #48 Illinois School District Library,A.O.Moore publisher. In the preface-author's name given as M. Quinby date and location St. Johnsville, new York, January 1857. On the spine author's name written quiney. Some illustrations. Size 5 1/4"x8",weight about 1 1/2pounds. Condition TITLE PAGE TORN OUT to table of contents,pencil markings and scribbles throughout,some pages are folded,376 pages plus advertising.

(1800)This book was printed for Vernor and Hood,in the Poultry, by J.Cundee,Ivy Lane,Newgate-Street, London in 1800.It has 133 pages plus an index. It measures 5 1/4"x 3 1/2". It cost two shillings back then! The book is in two parts 1)The Natural History of Bees, with directions for the Management of them,an Account of their enemies.. 2)An Enigmatical Account of a Neibouring Nation-Their Queen ,her palaces, attendants..The book is worn along the spine, the cover has split from the board on the front,back cover has some stains, and the corners are very worn.Inside their are some stains and foxing, but all text is readable.From page 69-111, the corners have been nibbled.


Five booklets related to bees, beekeeping and honey production are as follow. One is a 1943 circular titled BEE DISEASES issued by the Dept. of Agriculture. It measures (" X 6" and contains 22 pages, a few of which are underlined. HONEY PRODUCTION by V.G Milum was publihed in 1944 by U. of Illinois Extension service. It contains 51 pages. THE TREATMENT OF AMERICAN FOULBROOD deals with the spread, treatment and symptoms of the hive disease. BACKLOT BEEKEEPING by C.H. Pease is a 110-page softback published in 1949. It is designed for small beekeepers and beginners. the last of the five booklets is titled BEE DISEASES, published in 1943 by the Illinoi s Dept. of Agriculture. All of these publication are in good conditon. The have been used, but were well cared for by W.L. Garrison of Moweaqua, Illinois.

ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture, A.I. Root Bee Library 34th Edition, 1972

1972 The Dancing Bees, Karl von Frisch, paperback, 5th Edition 1953.

The Gentle Craft, hardbound w/dj, John F. Adams, 1st Edition, 1972

The How-To-Do-It Book of Beekeeping, Richard Taylor, paperback, Walnut Press 1974

dated 1944 Very good condition with no writing. There is a little wear to the cover very minor and some darker spots on the back, but very faint, just age discoloration from hand oils, I think.


Description Allen Latham's Bee Book, by Allen Latham, Hale Publishing, Haleville, Georgia, 1949, stated first edition, published December 10, 1949. 200 pages and 27 chapters with photo illustrations and drawings. Some Chapters: Queen Bee, Honey Gathering; Why Bees Swarm; Bee Mimics and Abnormalities, Old Lore and New; Principles of Wintering; Honey Without an Extradtor. Except for missing front free fly, interior is very clean and tight.

TITLE - A Day In The Life Of A Beekeeper AUTHOR - Penny Michels and Judith Tropea PUBLISHER - Troll Associates COPYRIGHT - 1991 DESCRIPTION - Dimensions of book : 8 x 9 ; Number of pages : 32 ; Book condition : excellent condition . Interesting book for young adults with many color photographs explaining in detail beekeeping.

Leahey manufacturing in Higginsville MO manufactured both poultry incubators and beekeeping woodenware. They ceased business operations in the early 1980's. These blocks wre for the printing of their catalog. One block depicts beeswax foundation, another shows a beekeeping start up kit, and the third shows a bee yard.

A good soft cover copy of The Bee-Man of Orn with the story by Frank R. Stockton and Pictures by Maurice Sendak! Harper Trophy. Good condition; one name inscription on front inside page. Not paginated, humorous story with typical great Sendak illustrations! pp.47

1915 "A Manual of BEE HUSBANDRY" by Elmer G. Carr, Deputy of the State Entolomogist in Bee Inspection, printed by Dispatch Printing Company, Union Hill, N.J. in 1915. This softcover book is 72 pages and measures 6" x 9". The last two pages are dogeared at the bottom. One of these pages, plus the preceding one, has a small area of foxing in the same locale - otherwise the book is in EX+/NM condition.

1919 ROOT SUPPLIES AND APPLIANCES FOR BEEKEEPERS 1919, summer edition, 6-1/2" x 9-1/2", softcover, 48 pages, many illustrations. There's a small hole at the top of the rear cover and accompanying smaller perforations on the last two pages, right near the bound edge. There are also several tiny holes in the cover along the bound edge. Otherwise it's in EX+ condition.

24th Annual Catalogue BEES and APIARIAN SUPPLIES, I.J. STRINGHAM, no date, 5-1/4" x 9", 12 pages, illustrated, VG+ condition

Sears Roebuck and Co. BEE KEEPERS SUPPLIES, no date, 5-1/2" x 8-1/2", 21 pages, illustrated, some minor discoloration, mainly on the cover, but otherwise in EX condition.

Diamond Jubilee 1938 cataloue from Lewis Beeware. 48 pages of info in all aspects of beekeeping. In very good condition. 7 x 9.5 is size./Features Dadant foundation.

The Queen and I by Edward A. Weiss /Step by Step instruction for the begining beekeeper. Chapters include: 1. How it Began 2. Structures and Tools 3. The Amazing Bee 4. Where to Locate Your Colony 5. The Day Your Bees Arrive 6. The First Few Weeks/ A Critical Period 7. THe First Week 8. The Second and Third Week 9. The Fourth , Fifth and Sixth Week 10. Swarming 11. Some Common Mistakes and Some Helpful Tips 12. Summer 13. Harvest Time and Fall Prepartion 14. Profits in BeeKeeping 15. Winter. Ex library book with the usual library markings. Front fly leaf removed, DJ in mylar covering