Tricks & Tips Wild colonies Trying to cut wild brood comb to fit frames and then tying it in place is time consuming, messy and usually results in some very poor combs. An easier method is to set up a hive with a full box of brood frames (with either drawn comb or foundation), a queen excluder, a super (or more if it is a very large colony) with empty drawn comb, another queen excluder and then an empty brood box. Remove the wild combs one at a time, shake or brush all the bees down in front of the hive so that they run in to the brood box and then place the wild comb in the empty brood box so that it rests on the queenexcluder. Use twigs to prop up and keep the pieces of wild comb apart if necessary; there is no particular need fo neatness! Add another queen excluder and empty brood box if necessary. The queen will now establish a brood nest in the bottom box, honey will go into the super and the brood will hatch from the wild comb, which can then be removed.